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Absolutely uselss and very slow. Tech support was utterly unhelpful and rude, blaiming me and my internet connection for not being able to use it, No explanation, just an accusation. The lots are also a rip off, charging more for special events when the lot is almost empty. I refuse to use Easypark anymore.

Takes forever to set up and they take that time off your parking?

Buy two hours of parking, takes 5 minutes to set up the damn app and then find that I have 1:55 left because they took off the time I was standing in front of the meter setting up the stupid app. Seriously cheap. Pay by phone is way better and seems to allow for partial increments like 5 minutes if youre running late but dont need an entire hour.

Great Parking App

Easy to use and great customer service


Crashes all the time. Totally unusable.

Doesnt recognize parking lot

Sign at easy park lot in Stanley park says #22. App does not recognize #only shows lot 1 km away. City should not lease lots to companies that cause this kind of frustration.

Total garbage

I now avoid these parking lots because of this crap-app. First, Its locator service cannot locate parking lots that I am standing in (Stanley Park) but suggests ones that are surrounding me. Next, they charge a "convenience fee" per transaction which is a bit of a dis-incentive to use the app. Finally, it only sells increments of hours; no minutes. Wtf is that? So even if the app can find the lot I have pulled into, and I only want to park for 20min, then I still have to pay for an hour and an extra fee on top of that. What a joke.

So annoying.

Pay by phone works way better. Faster. Way less clicks. Having an hour minimum parking is a gouge. The designers of this app need to work on their ethics. Then the damn thing prompts you for a five star review. Unbelievable.

Not so easy

Too Complicated, developers please look at other similar apps in the market and learn about friction, this app is a punishment to use.

Dont tell me Im saving money when Im not

The app itself is fine. One star for telling me on the metre that I can save up to three dollars by downloading the app. Then I go through the process of downloading and signing up on the app only to find out in the end that its over all $.11 more expensive and not three dollars cheaper as you said on the sign.


I installed it but it never worked so I deleted it...

Terrible app, not user friendly, pointless

This app is terrible. If I could give it 0 star, I would. PayByPhone app is so much easier. Whats the pint of this app when I can use the PayByPhone app all over Vancouver. Deleting.

Location tracking always on

Apart from being one of the worst companies out there their app constantly tracks your location (even when youre not using their pos app)

Pos app

POS APP. Wasted 5 min of my time downloading this. Advertised cheaper parking by using their app at the lot by chambar. Well, LIES. its the same plus a convenience fee. THEREFORE MORE EXPENSIVE

Fuk-U and you convenience fee

Garbage rubish

Doesnt work

Crashes constantly. Cant use it at all.


Confusing layout, crappy design, no visible rates and explanation. Feels like a pig blindly led to the slaughter house.

Its good but it should let you update before end of sessions

App worked as expected, mostly. One scenario that fails is that we wanted to leave the car in the lot for 2 days but the app didnt let us add more time until the session expired at 6am. Only then we could add more time by creating a new session.

Excellent tool

Great helper!


Useless. You cant search by the one thing that identifies what lot youre in, the 4-digit code!! So you have to guess which lot it is by the description - but places like the MOV have like five different EasyPark-run lots.


Pointless of this app.

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